Pamela C.
Submitted 05/10/22
Very kind has the most kind workers well respectful. Amazing group team work outstanding.

Tracey C.
Submitted 05/03/22
Dr Labatia has gave me life back and has managed my pain down so much he really does care and listen to me I would follow him every where his injections really works

Gregory C.
Submitted 04/26/22
I like the doctor alot and the nurses

Cheryl L.
Submitted 04/23/22
Dr Labatia is great ! He’s very caring and thorough. He really listens to me when I talk to him. Since seeing doctor Labatia, for the first time in about 18 years, I finally feel some relief from my pain ! His staff is also very friendly and helpful ! I would recommend Dr. Labatia and Rejuvenation Health care to anyone with chronic pain like myself !

Leitha H.
Submitted 04/16/22
Dr. Labatia is highly recommend by me he has gave me my LIfe back.

Jennifer D.
Submitted 04/12/22
Doctor labatia has always been very concerned and thorough and any kind of test he needs to do for any symptoms you are having so that You get the best care plan needed. Ed. Thank you again doctor you are appreciated

Kathy P.
Submitted 04/08/22
I felt comfortable and not rushed by the doctor. He listened and immediately scheduled test to begin a treatment plan. I’m glad that I found this doctor!

Teresa O.
Submitted 04/07/22
Very caring

Tammy L.
Submitted 03/18/22
I couldn’t ask for a more caring and respectful Dr. as Dr. Labatia he listened and he takes time to talk or if you have a question he tries to answer, im very grateful to have him for my Dr,and his staff is just wonderful and respectful. I would recommend Dr Labatia to anyone that needed a Great very blessed to have him as my Dr.

Michael I.
Submitted 03/04/22
Great dr. But I am scared to death.Something happened to him or th clinic.Called to make sure pharmacy will have my meds ready Mon. Like I always do.Said a dr. (unknown) called wed. and cancelled my script. No call no text no nothing. So I sit all weekend not knowing if I will be in said withdrawls Starting Monday !!??? …it’s always something in my life.Pain cant work barely eek by.Now this .Who knows…

Andrea C.
Submitted 02/21/22

Tammy L.
Submitted 02/19/22
Dr,Ihaby.Labatia i would Recommend him to anyone and everyone, him and his staff are very Polite and Concerned about their patients, and he takes time to listen to his patients and he explain the best plan for my pain management:)im very grateful to have him for my pain dr!!!

Lisa L.
Submitted 02/18/22
Seemed very knowledgeable and you actually felt like the doctor was willing and concerned with what you with your needs and willing to help you actually felt like you went to the doctor

Paul S.
Submitted 01/11/22
Dr labatia he does not get in any rush he really wants to here what you have to say he explains treatment very well he does have your well-being in best interest he’s the best dr I have seen in many years

Brenda K.
Submitted 12/22/21
My visit was very good. The Dr took time with me and ask questions. He didn’t just run me through like he wasnt interested. He really spent alot of time getting to know me and my problems.

Alisha R.
Submitted 12/18/21
Great staff, polite,helpful, quick to get you in.. the only doctor that has taken the time to listen and provide options.. the best #1 doctor in ky had giving me meaning to life again and can’t thank him and his staff enough!!

Scotty B.
Submitted 12/10/21
I think Dr labeda it is a great wonderful doctor it takes great pride in his practice and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone I’m looking forward to been a patient with him for a very long time because he is a great professional and wonderful doctor

Brandon B.
Submitted 11/30/21
Excellent level of care!

William G.
Submitted 11/30/21
This doctor is outstanding I would recommend him to anyone for the first time in 15 years I found a doctor that takes an interest in my well being in this one is the one

Jerry C.
Submitted 11/25/21
I think he is one of the best doctors that I have ever seen he cares about his patients He is also a good person

Clarissa C.
Submitted 11/22/21
Cared about my well being and health , was nice , always treats me with respect, and takes care of my health, alqways answers any questions I need to know about he is the best surgeon I’ve ever been to !!! I hope I can continue to be his patient, he has helped me so much !!! I just can’t say how great he his and his staff !!!!

Glenna R.
Submitted 11/22/21
Dr. Labatia is such a caring doctor. I’ve not met any doctors that care as much, and his entire staff is the same. They all make you feel very welcomed and really listen to your concerns. Dr. Labatia goes above & beyond to truly help you. I’m so thankful I found them. Will NEVER change doctors!

Ronnie L.
Submitted 11/12/21
Always positive. Dr. Labatia is a great and caring doctor.

Bennie S.
Submitted 11/10/21
Was very satisfied with the way the Dr explained things to me

Bobby S.
Submitted 11/05/21
Such a caring Dr really is a great person

Sandra A.
Submitted 11/03/21
Doctor was very caring very thorough best offer I’ve had in a long long time

Kathy S.
Submitted 11/01/21
Couldn’t ask for no better hospitality and respect from the employees. He will sit down and talk to you for as long as it’s needed. He explains to you everything that’s wrong with you and sits down and explains how he can help you. My husband and I both highly recommend Dr. Labatia

Jobie O.
Submitted 10/26/21
Dr LAbatia took time to listen and then demonstrated compassion for me and my concerns.

Tonia B.
Submitted 10/21/21
Dr. Labatia is a very Compassionate about his job and the help that he provides for me. I am not just a number at his clinic.

Joaulonda M.
Submitted 10/21/21
He’s always professional and great bedside matter. Also check me out & asking about how my pain management is going!

Guy P.
Submitted 10/14/21
Staff and Doctor were very professional. The new office worker Heather was very helpful.

Eunice R.
Submitted 10/14/21
Very attentive, listened to me without judgement. I felt very comfortable talking with the doctor. Great experience!

Nicole S.
Submitted 10/14/21
Dr. Labatia is a very caring and sympathetic doctor. would recommend him to anyone that wants a doctor that listen to you and cares about getting you better.

Davy R.
Submitted 10/14/21
All the staff were friendly and there’s no long waits and the doctor is great and answer all your questions l would recommend DR Labatia

Elbert W.
Submitted 10/13/21
Dr. Labatia is a wonderful doctor. He really cares about his patients. He takes the time to listen and help the patient understand what’s causing their pain. He has treated me for many years, I would recommend him to any one who is suffering with pain. The office staff are very nice and caring also 5 stars

Charles N.
Submitted 10/13/21
Dr Labatia is a Dr that cares about his patients. He goes above and beyond to help get you back up and going. Also his staff do a great job

Kevin B.
Submitted 10/12/21
Very friendly Dr and staff great and very helpful

Scotty S.
Submitted 10/12/21
Think the world of Doc Labatia. He cares and he listens to his patients. Great doctor.

Deanna K.
Submitted 10/11/21
Friendly staff. Excellent understanding doctor.

Jennifer D.
Submitted 10/08/21
I am grateful to have such a caring yet efficient dr and no i am getting the best healthcare. Thank you

Michelle A.
Submitted 10/08/21
Great experience !! I give 5 stars!!

Robert S.
Submitted 10/07/21

Cheryl L.
Submitted 10/07/21
I think Dr. Labatia is a very caring and thorough doctor. He takes his time and listens to you and knows just what to do for you to help with severe pain. I would recommend him to anyone.

Amanda E.
Submitted 10/07/21
Dr.Labatia is an amazing doctor for pain management, he isn’t luke other’s he goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and tries different approaches to help with your pain. I recommend him to anyone looking for a good pain doctor who isn’t just about pill pushing, and his office manager Becca is a sweetheart and is very friendly. Tell them that Amanda E recommend you to his practice, you won’t regret it!!

Edna W.
Submitted 10/07/21
Very pleasant Dr saved me a trip to his office

Don H.
Submitted 10/07/21
Dr.labatia Listen very carefully to My back problems and seem to show great concern on the best way to treat my pain he does Something that my other doctor wouldn’t do that is listen And try to help me

Robert S.
Submitted 10/07/21
Another great chance to see a good doctor

Twila B.
Submitted 10/06/21
Good thank you

Reva R.
Submitted 10/02/21
Dr Labatina is very professional and his caring of patients is wonderful. He always explains way he is ordering a xray, MRIs or any new medications or treatments. I would recommend him for any problems that you may have and I m a RN !

Melissa B.
Submitted 09/29/21
Very thorough, answered all my questions and helped make the best decision in my care.

Tracy H.
Submitted 09/28/21
Dr. Labatia is the best. He always takes time to listen and offers a wide range of treatment options. He is always kind and courteous and makes sure to explain treatments and expected outcomes. I couldn’t ask for a better Dr.

Jeffrey S.
Submitted 09/28/21
Dr labatia is very professional and personable. He líßtens and answers all my questions